Went into the University for the first time

I went into the university for the first time today. It is less than a kilometer from the apartment. I had to go there to finalize certain documents regarding my accomodation. I arrived at the university during the lunch time and hence I had to wait for a couple of hours for the office staffs to return. During the time, I roamed around the campus. The place is aesthetically pleasing, however, it is pretty small, especially since where I did my bachelor's, IIT Patna, had a campus spread across over 500 acres. I also went to the nearby Lidl to get a few frozen pizzas. I had that for lunch, evening snack and dinner. I had thought about cooking something for dinner, but I felt a bit lazy to do the same. However, I did modify the last frozen pizza by adding some mushrooms, pizza sauce and pepper. I think this could be a good trick moving forward - buy a few frozen pizzas and chopped vegetables from Lidl and fuse them. I think this would make the pizzas a bit more healthier and the effor

How to Create your own Ad Blocker Chrome Extension

Not very long ago, I read an article stating that Google banned advertisement blockers from its stores. There are several websites which does not let you in if you have an Ad blocker extension installed on your browser. I have not investigated on how these websites detect that, nor do I know whether our own version of advertisement blocker would be immune to that. But, isn't it fun to build something like this on our own?

As the first step, I found a random website that has a Google Ad. I right clicked on the Google Ad and clicked on Inspect button.

As I moved up the Elements inspector, I found that the id of the advertisement starts with "google_ads_". Therefore, I opened the console and typed in the following command:
div = document.querySelector('[id^="google_ads_"]')
This selected the div that contained the advertisement. I went ahead and typed in the following command that would remove the div from the page.


In a similar fashion, one can find different patterns in which different advertisements are found. I also found that many-a-times using "google_" instead of "google_ads_" is better. In order to select all the elements that have ids of matching type, let us use querySelectorAll in place of querySelector and use forEach to iterate over all elements.

Let us add these into a Chrome Extension to automate the process. Follow the following procedure for the same:
  1. Create a new folder named adBlocker.
  2. Create two files named 'manifest.json' and 'background.js' respectively.
  3. Insert the following content in manifest.json file:
    "name": "Ad Blocker",
    "description": "Make ads disappear",
    "version": "2.0",
    "permissions": [
    "background": {
    "scripts": ["background.js"],
    "persistent": false
    "browser_action": {
    "default_title": "Make ads disappear"
    "manifest_version": 2
  4. Insert the following content in the background.js file:
    chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function(tab) {
    code: `

    var divs = document.querySelectorAll('[id^="google_"]');

  5. Open chrome and type in chrome://extensions as URL.
  6. Click to enable Developer Mode, if not already enabled.
  7. Click on Load Unpacked Extension and navigate to the adblocker folder.
  8. Enable the newly loaded extension.

Now whenever you click on the extension, the advertisements of this type disappears. You can follow a similar procedure and create an extension that can remove all kinds of advertisements that are bothering you.


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