Went into the University for the first time

I went into the university for the first time today. It is less than a kilometer from the apartment. I had to go there to finalize certain documents regarding my accomodation. I arrived at the university during the lunch time and hence I had to wait for a couple of hours for the office staffs to return. During the time, I roamed around the campus. The place is aesthetically pleasing, however, it is pretty small, especially since where I did my bachelor's, IIT Patna, had a campus spread across over 500 acres. I also went to the nearby Lidl to get a few frozen pizzas. I had that for lunch, evening snack and dinner. I had thought about cooking something for dinner, but I felt a bit lazy to do the same. However, I did modify the last frozen pizza by adding some mushrooms, pizza sauce and pepper. I think this could be a good trick moving forward - buy a few frozen pizzas and chopped vegetables from Lidl and fuse them. I think this would make the pizzas a bit more healthier and the effor

The GitHub Experiment

Before deciding to move BuddyGo to Blogger, I had a crazy idea of creating a blogging scipt which enables micro-blog posts to be places anywhere on the page and could be dragged around. The posts could also be connected with each other; something like trees and nodes that one may learn in Graph Theory.

The website takes content from an XML file and display it on the website. This means that I could host my HTML, CSS and JavaScript content on GitHub and technically have the XML files exist elsewhere. The XML file could also be generated by a backend script.

Check it out at:

Source code:

Feel free to download and play around with it. I would encourage people to ask questions about the code.


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Went into the University for the first time

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