Went into the University for the first time

I went into the university for the first time today. It is less than a kilometer from the apartment. I had to go there to finalize certain documents regarding my accomodation. I arrived at the university during the lunch time and hence I had to wait for a couple of hours for the office staffs to return. During the time, I roamed around the campus. The place is aesthetically pleasing, however, it is pretty small, especially since where I did my bachelor's, IIT Patna, had a campus spread across over 500 acres. I also went to the nearby Lidl to get a few frozen pizzas. I had that for lunch, evening snack and dinner. I had thought about cooking something for dinner, but I felt a bit lazy to do the same. However, I did modify the last frozen pizza by adding some mushrooms, pizza sauce and pepper. I think this could be a good trick moving forward - buy a few frozen pizzas and chopped vegetables from Lidl and fuse them. I think this would make the pizzas a bit more healthier and the effor

First impression of Lugano - Mindblowing

I started off from Zurich at around 7.30 in the morning. There was a direct train to Lugano from Zurich HB. I vaguely remember my internet searches on the cost to travel from Zurich to Lugano via train to be about 30 CHF, but in reality, taking the ticket from the station, it costed me double of that. I don't know if the tickets have surge prices or something. Anyway, the journey was nice as I was able to see some beautiful places along the way and I think I had a chance to go through Gotthard Base Tunnel, which is the longest tunnel in the world.

Getting down at Lugano station and looking out, I saw one of the most beatiful scene that I have ever seen. I am not sure if I could describe that properly in words, nor do I think the following photograph that I took justifies how it looked to me in person.

I had to walk down a lot of stairs from here with the heavy bags that I had, only to realize that I made a wrong turn at some point. I was informed that instead of going back up, it would be better to just climb down the entire stairs and take the sidewalks of the road so that I can easily roll the trolley bag instead of carrying it. The road was a bit longer, but I understand that it was the better option.

I reached my apartment by around 11.30 AM, made some porridge (I had brought some broken rice from my hometown) for myself and slept for a few hours.

I was thinking about going to the Lidl nearby, but it has been raining and I forgot to bring an umbrella. I waited till my roommate arrived to take his umbrella to go out. He arrived at around 8.40 PM and he told me that there is a Migros supermarket a little closer than the Lidl, and he told me that both would close by 9 PM. I brisk walked till Migros only to find out that it closes at 7 PM. I had to do with another bowl of porridge for dinner.

The fact that the supermarkets close at such an early hour is news to me. I hope I would have this information in my mind everytime I run out of groceries.


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