P2P Zero-Knowledge-Proof based Opensource Social Network - HexHoot

I find that the domain name that I purchased on an impulse, hexhoot.com, would be the ideal name for the p2p social network; both of which I described in some of my previous posts. I have been working on it during my pasttime for about a month now, and I decided to make it opensource. You can have a look at the project using the following link: https://github.com/zenineasa/hexhoot I have attempted to follow all the best development practices as much as I can. I have written tests, and, enabled continuous integration feature in GitHub to run all the tests, lint and copyright checks for the code changes that is being made. I also have captured all the foreseeable tasks in a Trello dashboard. This helps me keep track of all the bugs that I have detected and all the important tasks that need to be completed. There are quite a lot of tasks left to make this bug-free and feature-rich. I hope I will find enough time and motivation to do the same in the coming days.

Last day at MathWorks

Yesterday was my last day at MathWorks. After working there for about three years and three months, I decided to leave the company to pursue my masters program that is scheduled to start in the third week of this month.

Before leaving, I had a chance to catch up with people that I have interacted with in the past. Many wished me all the best for my future endeavour. Meera and Sreeranj put up a Kudoboard and invited people to write in it.

As Meera suggested, I could work on making HexHoot to make it a good tool to visualize 3D agent based simulations, which she could use to showcase stuffs in the aerospace domain.


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