Started a blog under HexHoot

I think it is for the best to start a separate blog under HexHoot. This will help me promote the project by making lots of content related to it, which could eventually drive traffic into the page. I really am betting on HexHoot taking off. I see a lot of potential in the project. Check it out:

Last day at MathWorks

Yesterday was my last day at MathWorks. After working there for about three years and three months, I decided to leave the company to pursue my masters program that is scheduled to start in the third week of this month.

Before leaving, I had a chance to catch up with people that I have interacted with in the past. Many wished me all the best for my future endeavour. Meera and Sreeranj put up a Kudoboard and invited people to write in it.

As Meera suggested, I could work on making HexHoot to make it a good tool to visualize 3D agent based simulations, which she could use to showcase stuffs in the aerospace domain.


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Started a blog under HexHoot

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